The three amazing women in Breaking Free fight every day to eradicate modern slavery. Somaly, Minh, and Maria work hard to raise awareness about this horrible crime. There are also countless, incredible organizations that are reaching out and helping victims of sex trafficking.


Start with reading Breaking Free! Share it with a friend. And then another. It's that simple and huge at the same time. The more this issue is talked about, the stronger we become. It's not about living in fear. It's about being aware and becoming involved when we can.


Write to your elected officials. Tell them what you know about trafficking and that you want stronger laws to protect victims. You can get news from Polaris Project, Equality Now, or Don't Sell Bodies about whom to contact and which laws we need to pass for greater protections.

Write to newspapers, magazines, and television stations to publish stories about modern-day slavery, and how to stop it. You can write to the president of the United States if you feel the urge. You'll never know the power of your words until you try.


Talk to anyone you think will listen. Talk to friends who you think may be at risk in any way—those with problems at home or a controlling boyfriend. Talk to trusted counselors and mentors if you see anything suspicious. Start a group at your school to talk about how you can motivate people and treat one another with respect.


You can buy jewelry and gifts made by survivors. It is incredibly empowering to survivors to learn a new skill like jewelry making or sewing, especially as they are healing from trauma. Whether you wear it yourself or give it to someone else, you're helping to expand the anti-trafficking momentum. Look at the beautiful gifts being made here:

International Sanctuary, Purchase with Purpose Jewelry, stationery, awesome gifts for kids and adults

Made By Survivors Jewelry, bags, the cutest backpacks you'll ever carry

Somaly's Empowerment Store Cards, jewelry, clothing, accessories, inspiring books, and CDs

3 Strands Global Jewelry embedded with scarlet seeds, from Cambodian survivors


Volunteer with any of the organizations listed below who are caring for survivors. Help build shelters or teach English. Be part of a skills training group. Maybe you love cooking or kick boxing—ask if you can lead a workshop. Walk into any organization or call and ask how you can best lend a hand.


Apne Aap

Breaking Free

(Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking)

Children of the Night

Courtney’s House

Don’t Sell Bodies

(End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography & Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)

Equality Now

FAIR Girls

Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

(Girls Educational & Mentoring Services)

Polaris Project

The SAGE Project
(Standing Against Global Exploitation)

Somaly Mam Foundation

3 Strands Global